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Features of site

Login Form

  • Highly encrypt password protection.
  • Login session time 1 hour only for security.
  • IP address capture for stop hacking.

Profile page

  • Need your password and email address for allowing any changes
  • Deny duplicate email address and contact number.

Result Page

  • Auto calculates total, percentage etc.
  • Show result in color e.g. if pass then show in green.
  • Show low marks in red color.

Site Info.

  • Fully control from database. So, that you can see all latest info.
  • Easy to update website for admin members.


  • High definition image.
  • Smooth image viewer.

Notes and eBook, model paper

  • Show files size in megabyte.
  • Easy to download.
  • High speed download.
  • Resume support for download application (such as Internet download manager etc).

Chat Service

  • Easy chat service.
  • Auto word replace if you use bad word.
  • Show warning if you use bad word.


  • Fully manage by T-Bot
  • A T-Bot is that script that control this site.
  • Also verify the upload and download content that there is no virus if virus detect then T-Bot stop that task.

Message Service

  • You can send and receive messages.
  • The message service is same as Email service. but you have use username to send message.
  • New look of messaging service.
  • you can give reply your messages.
  • you can see your sent messages.
  • you can forward your messages to another person or member.


  • You can add your own link on this site so that other user can easily access your site.


  • You can see the video on this site which very useful for you.


  • You can also add your comment.


  • You can give us your suggestion if the suggestion is related to university or college then we will give that suggestion to Head of that department.


  • This site is run on Php script and that script is called software. our team update the software from v1.1.2473 to v1.1.2592..
  • The type of software version is v = version, 1.= Template, 1.= Mejor component update, 25 = Minor component added, 92 = bug fixes. (v1.1.2592)

Some Screenshot of Special Features

Our High Security So that no one can try to access your password

Our Update Center where From We update This site in few seconds

Our Server at USA which is 99% up time.

Messaging Service

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Updated by Tejas Kumar Rana

    You are not login:
    • You cannot send mesage to other users.
    • You cannot chat with other users.
    • You cannot post comment.
    • You cannot edit your profile.
    • You cannot Find friend/user.
    • You cannot view your friend/user's profile.

    Click here to sign-in or Sign-up.

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Baddo (baddodo) :

umesh kumar khatri :
is collage ka naam world ke top ten m lane ko me hmesha koshish krta rhunga. thanks to all users.